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Ambulance Trolley Stretcher FAI-285
Ambulance Trolley Stretcher (FAI 285)

This Ambulance trolley stretcher is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. It is a combined stretcher and trolley. It can also be called a gurney. It allows a sick or injured patient to be transported in a lying, or occasionally sitting, position..

Super Ambulance Trolley Stretcher
Super Ambulance Trolley Stretcher (FAI 283)

This Super Ambulance Trolley Stretcher is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. 1. The product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, equipped with sponge cushion, light weight, safe and reliable. 2. The front end of stretcher is equipped with two upper wheels, which can be adjusted according to the different height of ambulance. 3. Equipped with safety devices, stretchers must be opened first when boarding the car, and when pushing patients, they must be locked. 4. By automatically folding the left and right control handles on both sides, only one person can get up and down the ambulance. 5. After the stretcher gets on the car, it is equipped with fixing device to lock it. .

Scoop Stretcher -FAI -275
Scoop Stretcher (FAI-275)

This Scoop Stretcher is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. The Scoop Stretcher is designed for real emergency situation and it is possible to place it under the patient without causing further traumas. The shape of the stretcher has been designed to immobilise in the best way for the patient during his transportation. Specifications 1. This product made of high quality aluminum. 2. It can be separated by pressing two side locks,the patient can be fixed on the stretcher without being moved 3. The length is adjustable. 4. It's easy for cleaning.

Plastic Spine Board (FAI-291)

This Plastic Spine Board is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. It is mainly used for immobile and safely transferring serious patients during rescuing. It can be equipped in ambulance. It allows radiological X-ray and can float on water. This model is made of high strength engineering plastics. It has the advantage of antiaging, weight loading.

Stair Chair Stretcher
Stair Chair Stretcher (FAI -296)

This Stair Chair is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. It is designed to help transport patients through confined spaces and up or down stairs, and so guarantees safe evacuation. Its advisable to be used by two people for safety when going up and down stairs. 1. This product is made of high quality aluminium alloy. 2. For transferring the patients in small space. 3. With foldable lifting handles. 4. With four castors. 5. Can be folded,and store in the ambulance. .

Electric Stair Stretcher (FAI -297)

This Electric Stair chair is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. 1.High quality material. 2.Only one person operate,going up and down the stair with crawler belt,can stop on the step. 3.For hospital,emergency,home care and so on. 4.High-power motor、strong and durable battery、wide and hard-wearingcrawler belt. 5.With safety belts. 6.Silent hard-wearing castor. 7.Foldable,easy for carrying and storage.

Trauma Basket Stretcher (FAI -282)

This product is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. 1.This product made of ABS, wear-resisting, corrosion proof. 2.It's separable, can save the store space 3.It's for the rescue in mountain area, air, sea and so on, credibility and flexible. 4.With one set of the rope, can be for plane lifting. 5.With feet fixing device, safety belts and mattress..

Vacuum Mattress Stretcher (FAI -290)

This Product is supplied by First Aid International in Uganda. A vacuum mattress, or vacmat, is a medical device used for the immobilization of patients, especially in case of a vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma (especially for femur trauma). It is also used for manual transportation of patients for short distances (it replaces the traditional stretcher). Other Specs 1.With a pump,deflate the air to be a hard stretcher. 2.Fire-retardant material,strong particles inside. 3.Can be used for X-ray and MRI. 4.It's easy for cleaning.

4 Fold stretcher
4 Fold stretcher (FAI-287)

The Foldaway Stretcher is of light weight, portable, small volume, safety use, etc. It is widely used in hospital, gymnasium, first-aid car and army to carry the sick and the wounded.

Soft Stretcher (FAI -281)

This Soft Stretcher is a simple stretcher that is used in evacuation and transportation of casualties from the emergency scene to another transportation mode such as ambulance trolley bed enroute to the Hospital. 1. The product is made of PVC coated 600D polyester. 2. Equipped with 6 handles. 3. Easy to clean.

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