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Gynecological Examination Model


Features: ● Hysteroscopy checking ● Laparoscopic visualization checking, allow to observe the uterus, accessories and round ligament, etc. ● Palpation examination for pregnancy and postpartum uterine models ● Place and remove IUD ● Female condom can be used in vagina, and training in placing and removing contraceptive sponge, cervical cap, etc. ● Replaceable cervix and uterus ● Normal and abnormal uterus and accessories model & parts for bi manual examination and vagino-recto-abdominal examination 1) Normal uterus and accessories (IUD can be placed into or removed from the anterior uterine wall.) 2) Fibroid 3) Uterus with hydrovarium of left fallopian tube 4) Uterus with right salpingitis 5) Uterus with malformation and right salpingitis 6) Uterus with obvious anerversion and anteflexion 7) Uterus with left ovarian cyst ● Normal and abnormal cervix models (for colposcopy) 1) Normal cervix 2) IUD placed into or removed from normal cervix 3) Chronic cervicitis 4) Cervix uteri 5) Cervical polyp 6) Cervical inflammation Naboth cyst 7) Acute cervicitis 8) Cervical adenocarcinoma 9) Trichomonad cervicitis 10) Cervical verruca acuminata 11) Cervical vitiligo ● Normal and abnormal uterus examination model (for hysteroscopy) 1) Normal uterus 5) Early stage of uterine body cancer 2) Endometrial polyp 6) Late stage of uterine body cancer 3) Endometrial hyperplasia 7) Uterine fundus cancer 4) Myoma of uterus ● Pregnant and postpartum uterine models 1). 6-8 weeks early pregnancy uterus 3). 20 weeks pregnancy uterus 2). 10-12 weeks early pregnancy uterus 4). Simulation of postpartum 48-hours uterus  

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